Shoah Never Again

African American Author James E. White Jr. Pens Poetry Depicting the Jewish Holocaust Experience

Shoah Never Again - Book Cover

“This is an outstanding work.”

Larry King CNN

An evocative collection of poetry describing the plight of Holocaust survivors, sensitively written by an African American man whose own ancestors had suffered the horrors of slavery, in tribute to those who also endured excruciating loss at the hands of madmen — and in respectful celebration of those who survived.

Shoah Never Again

A man spends his whole life giving all that he can To his mother, father, sister, brother, Wife, children and friends. He never thought there were those Who would seek to make him cry, Then take away his freedom, and plot to see him die. One by one, life after life, as if we didn’t count, We worked as slaves, we kings and queens Six million Jews stamped out. His proud people, brought down by force And pushed into the wind, Waited for God to save them from this dreadful, wicked sin. Schindler’s List was just a few, When we think of the family we had, If evil men had chosen love, instead of going mad. But never again will we be made to slave for any man, We’re on our guard, we’ll do our part Our future we must defend. Once again we’ve found the strength to build and carry on, To raise our kids, to teach them well Show them the world’s their home. Must we forgive, yet never forget The dark, deep hell we’ve been Together we’ll stand and vow for life that Shoah, no never again.

“Your poetry …serves as a tool in educating people about modern history’s darkest period.”

Yoel Hasson, Prime Minister’s Office, Israel

“…humbled and inspired by your inspirational book of poetry, which will serve as a source of hope and inspiration for the future..”

-Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Simon Wiesenthal Center
James E. White Jr.

Jim White

James E. White Jr. was born only footsteps away from Beale Street, WC Handy Park and the world-famous Stax Recording Company in Memphis, Tennessee. Influenced by Tennessee’s musical heritage, James became a recording artist at the age of fifteen with King Records in Nashville. James soon moved to Motown’s home, Detroit, where his family members also flourished musically. He furthered his career in television broadcasting, soon producing and hosting his owned music show, which started out on Detroit’s CBS and Chicago’s NBC television stations. At this time, James also began writing and producing for major recording companies. This creative opportunity prepared him for his current endeavors as a poet. Brought up during the civil rights movement, James was greatly influenced by meeting such figures as Alex Haley and Rosa Parks. In 1994, James moved his business to Beverly Hills, California, where he is a writer and independent television producer. James also supports numerous civic and charitable organizations. Shoah Never Again is his first published collection of poetry.

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